You should fall in love with your eyes closed.

🌸My name is Kay'Lee and I'm 17🌸


*tries to get eight hours sleep in 3 hours*

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when you come up with an idea while half-awake and it sounds like the best fucking idea ever to your sleep addled brain


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i entered the friendzone but all I found were enemies


fuck you charmin i didnt ask

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dream date: we get chinese food delivered, it’s raining, i take a shower in your shower (it must be a nice shower with good water pressure), you let me wear your clothes after i shower, you have a cat that i can pet, we watch movies, i fall asleep in your bed for like fifteen hours, you fall in love with me

Two dogs* not a cat. But okay sounds good

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Elevator wisdom

Random Older Gentleman in the Elevator:Feeling good?
Me:Not bad, just tired. Long day.
Random Older Gentleman in the Elevator:Long days aren't the problem. It's the short nights that are the problem.


cashews are so good they are the best nut 

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